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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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he told me when he left last night the fire was on tail ridge and he's trying to get more information but of course it is difficult especially since it is dark outside so this may be a situation where you get more information in the morning. but, yes, you're looking at video of the oakmont neighborhood. it's mostly a retired community and we did meet some people who were refuse to ing to evacuate. for those who refused we saw police take a picture, a record of who was left in here and writing down their names. they said it was a safety situation as the fire was slowly creeping to the oakmont neighborhood. we will be working to get updates on what happened overnight with the fire. it is very cold here this morning and not windy right now. cal fire very busy overnight trying to track all of these
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fires as soon as we can. it might be a situation they have a better idea once the sun comes up and they can see what happened overnight. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> people who evacuated are very -- just really counting on our information so we thank you for following up on that. new mandatory evacuations were h i issued in sonoma county. they include moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin road, cavedale road, and adobe way. people living along highway 12 between agua caliente and madrone are not under evacuation but have a bag packed and ready to go in case things get worse. >> new mandatory evacuations in geyserville. anyone living between highway 128 and the russian river. can you go to for
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the complete list. here are the areas under advisory right now and that means you should prepare for an evacuati evacuation. the areas affected are downtown geyserville as well as palomino, asti ridge and highland ranch roads. again, all of the information posted on our website, in napa county, dry creek road from mt. veeder road south to linda vista avenue is under mandatory evacuation orders as is a mobile home park on monticello road near highways 121 and 128. >> elderly and disabled people living at the veterans home of california in yountville are safe. they had to be movedcause of ai. santa rosa's park view acute center was also evacuated there. patients recovering from surgery had to be moved to another facility yesterday. >> new evacuations north of fairfield. they say the fire there jumped a major roadway and southeast.
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deputies are making sure homes and businesses have been cleared out. all schools in the district will be closed today. and we're now learning the names of some of the people who are still missing in the areas devastated by the fire. >> families are desperately waiting to find out if their missing loved ones are okay. here is kristin zee. >> reporter: brian and udonia erikson. family members hope they were able to escape from the tubbs fire. 71-year-old daniel southard is missing from his home on bennett valley road in santa rosa. family members tell us southard has a leg brace. norma zarr lives in bennett valley. her daughter in utah has been unable to get hold of her. mike grabow's family has checked hospitals and shelters for him. grabow lives off mark springs west road, one of the hardest hit areas. linda tunis is missing after
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fire ravaged her home in the journey's end mobile park. christina hanson lost her life. she had been listed as missing. the tubbs fire destroyed her home. a breakdown on the status of schools in the fire zone. >> classes in calistoga are canceled until monday. napa valley unified schools are closed today and tomorrow. santa rosa schools will be closed today. local colleges and universities impacted all classes, events and activities at junior college are canceled through sunday. napa valley college is closed through friday. classes and business suspended at sonoma state. >> this is what's left cardin cardinal newman. some statues survived including one of the virgin mary and another of jesus with his arms outstretched. the school is closed indefinitely. air quality officials are
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advising people to avoid breathing in smoke from the fires. >> we saw how bad it got yesterday and it could be worse today. an unprecedented amount of pollutants over the arearea. taking precautions is a good idea but not just people with respiratory issues but the general public. keep windows closed and kids indoors. >> budweiser has shut down its brewery and tasting room in fairfield because of the smoky air from the fires. the brewery believes the air is not healthy for its workers. the parent company anheuser-busch plans to reopen once air quality improves. >> the sonoma county sheriff is scheduled to hold a news conference at 9:00. we'll have live coverage on the abc 7 news app and will send out a push alert as soon as it starts. much more coverage on our abc 7 news app. you can find extensive resources like maps that show where the fire is and what evacuations have been ordered. the app is free to download and
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works with apple and android devi devices. >> over to mike nicco because the wind conditions changing. a look at our visibility layer. it's not nearly as thick, the smoke is, as it was yesterday. seven miles in fairfield. we were down to three-quarter mile visibility because of the thickness of the smoke. and there you go. you can see that onshore breeze we talked about is moving some of that smoke off to the northeast right now so it's pushing into the central valley and up to lake tahoe. the air is calm at the surface but above it it's also pushing that smoke away. check out the relative humidity levels. 86% to 92%. that's been good for the firefighters during the overnight hours and so are these temperatures, 41 right now in rohnert park.
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the rest of us i low 50s. cupertino in the upper 40s. a look at your 12-hour day planner. low 50s to 7:00. 60 at the coast. 70 around the bay. low to mid-70s inland. notice it becomes breezy around 4:00 when the fire danger will increase. alexis? okay. good morning, mike. once again a lot of closures to get to in the north bay of course due to all the fire. taking you up to santa rosa, the 101 off ramps are closed here. they are just simply not letting folks into the neighborhoods that have been so badly damaged. 101 to river road and airport boulevard are confirmed closed. we heard from amy hollyfield all day yesterday. they just have a ton of law enforcement in the area and they are checking the media's i.d.s, not letting anybody in there. looting does not happen and just to keep everyone safe as well. it's not a safe area as well. on top of that it is a spare the air day today and we have a b.a.r.t. delay at san francisco and peninsula stations about ten
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minutes. the pittsburg/bay point due to a problem in san bruno and daly city. returning to the family home to find this. how this man is finding a way to be thankful through the heartbreak. at&t is stepping in
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the six north bay fires. 17 people are confirmed, two have died. 11 of the victims are from the tubbs fire in napa valley. 88,000 acres have been burned in the six major fires. the tubbs fire has grown to 28,000 acres and atlas is now 3% contained. cal fire says nearly 700 structures have been destroyed in the fires. we are hearing so many stories of people barely escaping the flames near the silverado trail in napa. >> the atlas fire has grown to 26,000 acres and is just 3% contained. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley talked to one man whose family barely made it out alive. >> it can't get any worse despite -- everybody is safe but literally everything is gone. >> reporter: david was inconsolable when he got up the hill to see what was left.
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>> devastating. >> reporter: it's your business and your home. >> yeah. it's not every day you lose both. we have a lot of good friends and family. they're going to help us out. >> reporter: this is what the family home and business bubbling well pat memorial park looked like before the fire and now today. flames from gas lines still flared from the ashes. he said his dad, his mom and his 97-year-old wheelchair-bound grandmother were trapped by the walls of fire converging on them. a rescue helicopter swooped in to pick them up just in time. >> my dad was raised here. there are so many memories. i think about all the pictures that were lost and all the just irreplaceable things. >> reporter: but your family, your grandmother -- >> they're safe, yeah. >> reporter: others did not make it out alive, an elderly couple, 99 and 100 years old, lived at
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this home. they perished trying to escape from the fire. in napa county along the silverado trail, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> and the sons of the elderly couple have been going through the ruins of their parents' home. >> mike and charles tried to make sense of what happened here. their mom and dad, charles and sarah, died in their condo in the silverado country club. they were 100, 98 years old respectively. >> everything in the accumulation of a lifetime. fire doesn't care. wow, here's some -- >> charles told us that at least his parents' deaths were quick and they died together. he says that's what they would have wanted. well, there's been an overwhelming outpouring of support from our bay area community. >> sonoma is registering anyone who would like to volunteer
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evaluating what type of work needs to be done and matching people with the tasks. >> what we really need are the medical type of experience so registered doctors and nurses available. >> my colleagues and i speak spanish so we thought there might be a need there. we have cars. we're physically able to do heavy lifting. >> at sonoma valley high school they've taken in heaps of clothing and are trying to sort it all out. the needs, of course, are constantly changing and we'll continue to let you know what they do need up there. fire victims in napa county can receive money to help them recover. >> the napa valley foundation has activated disaster relief fund and the group is identifying people's most immediate needs. several local nonprofits are looking at people's long-term needs. the disaster relief fund assisted more than 12,000 people following the 2014 earthquake in napa valley. people, pets, businesses, a lot of help is needed in the north bay to recover. >> if you're able and willing to
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help, we've put a list of things you need to know on our website. you'll find it at we talked a lot about cell phone service. it's been spotty in the fire areas. at&t is deploying mobile cell sites like the one here to help restore coverage to customers. it's set up charging stations at some of the evacuation the fcc recommends texting rather than calling. you have a better chance of getting your message through. also, wait ten seconds before redialing a call to help reduce congestion. we want to check in with meteorologist mike nicco. you're tracking not only the wind gusts but humidity we can expect and the air quality overall. that's exactly right. let's start with just looking outside right now. i was working on the graphics. you can see the visibility a little bit better than it was this time yesterday. air quality is moderate throughout the bay because of
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the light breeze. >> they returned today. they will taper tomorrow but they return again friday and then we'll get an offshore breeze for sunday and monday. that means a warming trend for all of us and that could push a lot of the smoke over towards the beaches. let's take a look at temperatures today. if you're going to be near the coast in san francisco, you can see mid to upper 60s, 64 to 65. around the bay about 70 to 75 degrees. and that will dip into the north bay and we'll be in the mid to upper 70s, about 74 to 78 in our inland and east bay neighborhoods on this second consecutive spare the air day. tonight going to be a little breezy. remember the winds pick up at 4:00 or 5:00. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, 50s and 60s in the hills where it's going to be most dangerous. now here is a look at the relative humidity. remember we have that dry cold front coming through. right now our humidity
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are up. we'll drop into the teens across the north bay. we see no recovery through tomorrow. 20% to 40% if we're lucky. so here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. though the breezes relax tomorrow the air remains very dry. friday we're going to have breezes and another push of dry air so possibly another red flag warning for friday. saturday will be a calmer day and a cool day. at least seasonal. you can see the offshore breezes sunday/monday. those could pose their own problems as far as pushing the smoke to the beaches and pushing the embers in the direction they haven't been pushed yet and that would be to the southwest. you have a lot of road closures still going on. with that smoke heading to the south, more fire heading to the south. any advice, any closures that maybe we haven't anticipated? >> we have a ton of closures. follow my twitter page.
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just checking on the air quality, as mike said, it's not terrible ath looking at pretty conditions here at the golden gate bridge. zipper trucks are out this morning widening the southbound lanes. i don't have any major delays at the moment as far as the roads are concerned. i do want to talk mass transit, a spare the air day with that very poor air quality expected later on this morning. and we have a major b.a.r.t. delay due to an equipment problem on the tracks this is between sfo and south san francisco stations. we did just talk to b.a.r.t. it sounds like it's a switching problem and, of course, this is in the pittsburg/bay point direction and they are saying those delays are at least 30 minutes, possibly longer than that. here we are encouraging to you use mass transit and car-pool today. b.a.r.t., if you're between sfo and south san francisco that likely is not the way to go here today. maybe you can car-pool instead. next traffic update in less than ten. the wildfires in napa and sonoma are part of 17 large fires burning in california.
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near grass valley the lobo fire is now at 880 acres, 30% contained. and things have calmed down enough so that evacuation orders have been reduced to advisories instead. the fire started monday around midnight. the redwood complex fire in mendocino county stands at 21,000 acheers this morning. no containment on that. the community of redwood valley and golden. a large animal evacuation center at the fair grounds for people who need it. in southern california the canyon fire, too, in anaheim is now 25% contained. it has burned 7,500 acres. authorities let people who were evacuated back in last night. i want to show you a feature on our website now and this is pretty dramatic. i pulled up this address in santa rosa, 1901 camino. it is a very nice tree-lined neighborhood. it ends here in a cul-de-sac. lots of homes.
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lots of older trees. i will then click on to what it looks like now. we took a 360 photo of the area and you can see the cul-de-sac i was just showing you here and when you spin around there is nothing left. there is not one home standing. you see a few trees still standing, a file cabinet that somehow made it. some fireplaces but that's about it. these 360 photos are very difficult to see but it gives you a really good idea of just how devastated santa rosa and other areas of the north bay are right now. we do have a number of these posted. it is right on the front page of our website >> it really paints the picture. the entire bay area is pitching in to offer relief to the victims of the wildfires. the special offer smart train and the california academy of sciences are making. also the wine industry hit hard by these fires. the businesses that suffered damage and the road for them to recovery. first this morning's "tech bites." in today's "tech bites"
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apple has struck a major tv deal with director steven spielberg. >> reportedly teaming up with spielberg to revive his '80s sci-fi series amazing stories. sources tell "the wall street journal" apple will pay more than $5 million for each episode. >> next, twitter is about to make it easier to privately track and remember interesting tweets without publicly hitting like. >> the social media giant has announced a book marking feature called save for later, a private collection of saved tweets you can access later. and g.e. has come up with bakeware that's so smart it tells you when your cake is done. >> they have temperature sensors that connected to wi-fi enabled ovens. they send an alert when the baked goods are ready. >> it may not necessarily make you a better baker.
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. trains will run on a limited basis from the santa rosa downtown station to downtown san rafael. the trains will stop at all stations in between. the first southbound train departs at 5:00 a.m. the last at 8:35 p.m. several wineries were hit by the fire. >> we really feel for the businesses. one the paradise ridge winery,
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their tasting room and wine making facilities destroyed. the winery staff is safe but an employee lost their home. 40 weddings booked through 2018 including one for this weekend. >> we're in contact with the bride getting married this weekend. i think we found her another venue to get married and we're communicating with our brides to figure out what our different options are. we're trying to figure out how to make sure these people find a special day. it's just not going to happen here. >> paradise ridge lost about 20% of its wine. the rest is cased. the owner says the good news is they were only slightly damaged and he vows to rebuild. mike, you have to feel for a lot of these people because they survived our drought. they were hoping for a better season this year. it's tough. >> it's amazing what we've been through after that winter. we're going to have a great harvest and then, wow, then this
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happens. you just never know. got to take it day by day. air quality, good news here, hi, everybody, the wind shifted just enough that all of us are moderate. we don't have to worry about the air quality now. the wind will shift again. smoke will build and we'll have poor air quality. let's look at the winds. we'll keep an eye on these all throughout the day. right now 7 to 19, manageable in the hills. as we head through the next two to three days. the latest with our red flag warning coming up in about three minutes. alexis? >> we have a lot to talk about as far as mass transit is concerned. it is a spare the air day. unfortunately, a major problem with b.a.r.t. already. a switching problem on the tracks between sfo and south san francis francisco. delays over 30 minutes at this point. so they do have a crew on the
4:57 am
scene working on that but i don't have any estimate for when that will wrap up. talking about the north bay, petaluma transit full weekday offered once again today. they will offer free service starting in a couple minutes and sonoma county bus service is running today but will be limited. alexis, thank you. offers of generosity continue to come in. >> the california academy of science is extending their offer to napa, sonoma and others impacted by the fires offering free admission to families. that way there is somethng for them to do during the day and to get away from the smoke in the air. that offer is good through sunday. next at 5:00 a.m. live team coverage on the deadly north bay fires. >> the latest on new evacuation orders overnight and what we know about 17 people confirmed dead. >> plus thousands of families displaced in sonoma
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energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone. fires in the north bay continue to grow. officials issued new evacuations in sonoma county. >> at last check six major fires burned nearly 88,000 acres and more than 700 structures are destroyed. good morning on this wednesday, october 11. jessica castro is covering the fires for us this morning. we'll have a live report from her in a few minutes. >> alexis monitoring the roads. we want to start with you, mike, what is going on today? >> the national weather service issued a wind advisory. that means winds will kick up to dangerous levels once again about 30 to 50 miles an hour. now it could down some trees and some p


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